Week 12 (Nov 16) lecture

Tonight we have fresh headlines to talk about the controversy in Salt Lake City over citizen journalism. We’ll also talk about the power of images. Here are the lecture slides:


Links from today’s lecture

KSL’s story about the ethics of Mayor Mike Winder’s Deseret Connect contributions;

The Deseret News takes legislators out for breakfast, but lawmakers don’t like what’s being served;

Stories from Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune,  USA Today, Associated Press (via Washington Post), New York Times;

PRSA’s condemnation of Winder and a statement from the Salt Lake Chapter;

Winder resigned from his job at the Summit Group, a Salt Lake PR firm;

US News columnist weighs in on the dangers of citizen journalism, in light of the Winder affair;

Salt Lake Tribune opines that Winder harmed his city and Deseret News readers;

Susan Orlean of  the New Yorker writes the Winder affair demonstrates Deseret Connect had a “lower standard of accountability than, say, the reviews section of Amazon”;

The Trib’s Pat Bagley offers this editorial cartoon;

City’s Weekly’s initial view of the Winder affair, followed by a satirical piece;

The Salt Lake Tribune compiles a list of stories on the Winder affair.

Video verification: CBS shows Hillary Clinton’s memory of Bosnia trip was faulty:

The Onion reports on “the CIA’s successful Facebook program”:

CBS report on autistic basketball manager:

Flu shot disables cheerleader (or did it?):

CBS Sunday Morning on digital imagery and whether you can believe what you see.

Next week is, of course, the Thanksgiving Holiday. The following week our lecture will be online, so don’t come to class the next two weeks. We’ll next meet in person on December 7, which is our last class.

The Final exam will either be a take-home or in the Testing Center — either way it will be during finals week. More information to come on that and your final essay (so please tune in for the online lecture the week after the Thanksgiving holiday).

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